Become an Internationally Certified Yoga Teacher

(with a Yogi Health Certificate in Ayurveda)


Course Director will be YOGI Health founder, Tina Toft (IYN500); a Yoga Elder and an Ayurveda Practitioner and Nutritionist.

Tina’s unique style of yoga combines Sivananda and Vinyasa Yoga with Ayurvedic techniques and mindfulness to support a healthier and balanced approach to teaching yoga

All students will undertake a minimum of 200 hours of tuition and learning over 6 months enabling you to become a highly skilled, confident and safe internationally certified and insurable (IYN200) Yoga Teacher

The in-depth program covers Asana (postures) -Pranayama (breathing), meditation, philosophy, anatomy & physiology as well as Ayurveda.

You will receive the added benefits of Ayurvedic Certification (Yogi Health Philosophy and Principles of Ayurveda) 

Post YTT200 certificated modules are offered if you wish to deepen your knowledge of specialist areas, such as children’s yoga, yoga for children with special needs, pre-& post-natal, yoga for sufferers of cancer, mental health and the elderly. These categories are covered in universal terms in the YTT200 module

Also available are further and more advanced Ayurveda courses and certification.

Included are advice modules for how to set up and market your own yoga business with useful tips on legal requirements & liabilities, generating income and growing your classes. We will also cover how to ethically collaborate with other yoga teachers and set up and manage workshops and retreats.

This course is also open and relevant to yoga practitioners who simply want to broaden their knowledge and skills and learn more about Yoga and Ayurveda.

1st course begins in January 2019. 

2 full weekends per month. 


Contact Tina now for more details


07917 681627

email Tina@yogitt.com