the art of teaching yoga with ayurveda

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200hr teacher training with With IYN 500 Yoga Elder, YOGA ALLIANCE SENIOR YOGA TEACHER trainer and Ayurvedic health Practitioner, Tina Toft.

Tina is also a Trained nurse and Yoga Specialist she has written certified courses in Pre and Post Natal yoga, Yoga for children, yoga for teenagers, yoga for Cancer, yoga for Mental Health, yoga for Endocrine disorders, yoga for children and adults with special needs TINA TOFT.

fully accredited course by independent yoga network

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the course

Yogi Health and Tina Toft are delighted to offer a unique learning experience combining the deep wisdom and inseparable sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda. Yoga suggests body and mind strength, flexibility and meditation.  Ayurveda (the Science of Life) offers digestive balance and inner health.

This progressive learning experience is brought to you over an 8 month duration of weekend modules and is heavily health based thereby acknowledging the complexities of present day society.

Students are nurtured with empathy and commitment in a safe and positive environment with a compassionate approach to encourage and to motivate, awakening their own ability and combined love of yoga to inspire others to follow a path of thoughtful insight and health with a genuine, pragmatic understanding of how the body, mind and yoga practices work.

At yogi health Academy we uphold the fundamental principles and ethical standards of yoga, subscribing to Satya (truthfulness) we are committed to the continuous development of meaningful yoga programmes and training courses that continue to increase the impact of health and wellbeing on our communities.

Our mission is to prepare you to develop safe and sensible yoga classes for all levels of studentship. You will learn to accurately observe students’ bodies, assist them into optimally aligned asana through the use of words, basic hands-on adjustments, modifications and the use of props. An introduction to functional anatomy and physiology will form the basis for the study of asana and sequencing. We believe a deeper understanding of yoga and how to teach asana comes from a consistent commitment to your personal practice, and your practice will become a well-spring of resources and inspiration for you as a teacher. 

This course is also open and relevant to yoga practitioners who simply want to broaden their knowledge and skills and learn more about Yoga and Ayurveda.

fields of study

  • anatomy & physiology

  • asana & sequencing

  • teaching methodology

  • pranayama & meditation

  • history & philosophy of yoga & ayurveda

  • yogic ayurvedic diet & nutrition

  • sanskrit terminology & mantra

  • ethics and the business of yoga


commences jan 2020


liverpool / wirral

Graduates receive

Yoga Alliance RYS 200 and IYN 200 accreditation, allowing you to teach worldwide

Yogi health diploma in Yoga with Ayurveda Principles & asana sequencing 

Continued support and advice throughout your yoga career 

Yogi Health higher learning:  guaranteed fast track places on courses


£300 – Non refundable deposit. This secures a place (subject to private discussion and availability) 

£2200 – Full course Payment (payment Plans available on request)

Why choose Yogi Health

Tina brings a wealth of experience as a Yogi, under mentorship you are encouraged to teach yoga even before you qualify – you will be taken out of the class room and yoga studio and into various yoga teaching environments such as schools and clinics widening your experiences of yoga.

On the course you will develop a strong bond with your colleagues and your course leader. This will form an integral part of you support network going forward in your Yoga career. Tina guides you in the ways of collaboration with other yoga teachers and the wider yoga community, on a local, national and international level.

Yogi Health Higher Learning gives you the opportunity to continue to broaden your knowledge (Svadhaya) or self – study into the sciences of yoga and Ayurveda. You may wish to add another 100 hours of training to become a yoga 300 hrs yoga teacher or add various specialities such as pregnancy, children’s yoga or yoga for cancer to your CV. These courses are held in the north west, Hampshire or London. Favourable rates are offered to Yogi health students.

contact / 07917 681627