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TINA TOFT, founder

“My working life so far seems to have revolved around health and food from nursing to product design within the food industry.

Yoga found me a few decades ago and opened my eyes to a totally new way of living my physical and mindful life. I loved it so much I became a Yogi - teaching others here and abroad. As a registered teacher iYN500, I eventually became a yoga elder, a pre- and post-natal teacher, a specialist children’s yoga teacher and a practising endocrine disorders specialist.

Yet somehow I was still missing the final jigsaw piece - until I discovered the Science of Ayurveda. Here was a way to balance my body through diet and digestion and my journey took a new turn.

Training in India and the UK to become an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Nutritionist has only enhanced my passion for sharing the knowledge and health benefits I have grown to appreciate so much.

I teach yoga, train next generation yoga teachers at my YOGI Teacher Training Academy and of course see my private clients for Ayurvedic, diet management and life style counselling. I also produce my range of YOGI Health Ayurvedic Inspiration Products.”