Since starting Yoga with Tina my back and joint movement has improved considerably; my flexibility has improved and the pain in my joints has gone!!!  Tina is a wonderful teacher, knowledgeable, passionate and patient.  I look forward to my sessions but they go far too quickly.  Thank you Tina. x
— Karen Traynor
I learnt more in my first hour with Tina than I had in 6 months of yoga classes. she has the ability to gently encourage and tease the best out of you without putting you at risk or putting you through agony. As an Osteopath I understand the benefits of yoga but also understand that it has to be taught well. I have no hesitation in recommending Tina to my patients and to my friends.
— Steven Orton MSc, DO
Registered Osteopath & Director
I can honestly say that Tina has changed my life both mentally and physically, I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis and when I first started yoga classes with Tina I was in pain and had a great deal of stiffness, I kept going with her classes and over time I have become much stronger, more flexible, have much less pain and am much more mobile than I used to be.  I have also been able to discontinue two of my medications which is wonderful.  Tina is very careful with her pupils and I trust her completely, so never worry about injuring myself.  My mental attitude has also changed, I used to worry so much about things and that is not the case now. Her classes are also fun and never boring, I just wish I had started yoga years ago.
— Jane Ward
I attend a weekly class given by Tina Toft  and  I find her knowledge of Yoga most impressive.  Her attention to correct technique by individuals in the class is very thorough, regardless of the mixed abilities she has to deal with.  She has an in depth-knowledge of the anatomy of the human body and  clarity in demonstrating and explaining the purpose of a particular exercise leaves no doubt as to how to achieve the correct moves. 
 I have also taken a short series of private lessons with Tina, in an effort to interest my husband in Yoga, as I am convinced that the focus on well-being and a healthy and fit body can  only be to our advantage.  Tina has convinced me of this and hurrah, my husband is now hooked. We hope to participate in her open classes locally in the near future.  Tina has a calm, pleasing personality which is indeed inspiring.
— Catherine Parker